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Q: How many items do you carry?
A: Over 200 Items


Q: Do you ship throughout the country?
A: Yes, we can ship anywhere


Q: Do you keep all items in stock?
A: We try to stock as many as we can but it is difficult to carry inventory on all the items


Q: If we want to order an imported item you do not have in stock, what is your lead time?
A: It would depend on the item, the amount you require and where we are obtaining the item. Normal lead time for imported items would require 60-90 days


Q: What is so special about your mixes?
A: Most of our mixes are custom designed to fit our customer's needs and requirements.


Q: What are your lead times and minimums for mixes?
A: Production lead time for mixes is 3 weeks from when purchase orders are issued and the minimum would be 10 cases.


Q: What are your minimums for imported mixes and components?
A: 100 cases unless we have it in stock.


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